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Double Header Racing

A unique service by Ken Emery.
Ken Emery has given us some great betting advice over the past 20 years and his new service Double Header Racing, which has just undergone a formal trial, looks a very solid service returning £10,000 profit or 100 points.
  • Average 20 points a month after 5 months.
  • Never more than 2 bets per day.
  • Aiming for a solid monthly profit from 8-10 winners
  • Backing to BFSP- No Bookie required!
  • All bets 1pt win
After a fantastic trial we are pleased to offer Double Header Racing at half price for the first month, join below!
Double Header has been on trial for the past 5 months, consistently returning a profit every monthProfit £10,000 to £100 at BSP. - 100 points, 20 points a month.
Any questions please email: